I knew pretty early on in life that all I really ever wanted to do was make games. In fact, I distinctly recall the moment the idea cemented itself in my mind. The first time I saw Pitfall Harry jump on that vine and swing over those alligators, that was it: I wanted to design my own characters and bring them to life. I wanted to craft adventures for those characters to go on and make creatures for them to fight. Oh and they would need weapons too. Lots of weapons. Most likely swords. But some guns as well…

Through a lot of hard work, and no small measure of dumb luck, I eventually found myself employed as a game developer.

While I am incredibly fortunate to have been gainfully employed all these years, and I really do enjoy my day job, I somehow got off track. I’m not really doing what I set out to do. I find myself in need of a creative outlet.

I need to make games.

My games.

There are game mechanics I want build. There are cool and unique visual styles to explore, badass characters to create, and wild new worlds I want to share. This blog will serve as a chronicle of these experiments.

after regular business hours of course! I’m strictly talking about working on personal projects, yo. Bills still have to be paid and mouths still have to be fed, after all. I won’t be giving up the regular paycheck any time soon.

(I did that once already. But that’s a story for another post.)

So watch this space, and please subscribe for updates!