Basic Movement

I went and processed a few more animations for a basic locomotion moveset and hooked it up to WASD. The voxel fighting game is playable! (in the narrowest terms possible.)

Thus far I have:

  • Stance
  • Walk Forward
  • Walk Back (reversed forward)
  • Crouch
  • Jump

There are actually slots for 3 different jumps, but I have yet to animate variations for forward and back. I might do front and back flips for those.

The walk back speed is slightly slower than the walk forward speed. Similarly, jumping away is more shallow than jumping forward. The idea is that this will make the game a bit more aggressive, as a retreating player will get caught by an advancing player. The values for the retreating velocities are adjustable, of course.

I am not sure how I feel about the static crouch and jump frames. They look a bit lifeless compared to the way the stance and walk animation swim through the voxel field. I may experiment with adding a few frames of animation to loop through in order to bring a little dynamism to those moves.

Also on display is a bit of triplanar worldspace uv mapping, giving the ground and polygonal blocks in the background a voxelized look via a normal map. I took care to make sure that the normal map tiles at 5cm of world space, and objects all snap to that gridsize. No partial voxels!

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