Voxel Animation Test

Well then.

This tweet seems to have blown up a bit, as did its counterpart on the Unreal Engine Developers Community over on Facebook.

The positive reception is quite nice to see, taking my misgivings regarding voxel graphics into account, not to mention the work that went into it.

I am very appreciative for all the interest and kind words, thank you.

There were a number of questions and a bit of speculation as to what we’re looking at here. I will go into more detail as to how I did it at a later date, but as stated in the original post, this is an early work in progress test of the frame based, voxel animation system I am working on in Unreal Engine.

And what does that mean exactly?

These are preprocessed, 3D frames of animation which were imported into UE4, where they were animated via a custom animation feature.

What this isn’t:

  • A post process material effect
  • Realtime voxelization
  • A Skinned and rigged mesh
  • Animated in MagicaVoxel

Good guesses though! And please: If anyone comes up with a performant realtime voxelization solution that does all the things I need, let me know immediately. The pipeline I have going right now is rough. The less work I have to do manually, the better. 😉

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